Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank U now 20 years old!! *sob sob* felt so old now
Wanna say thanks to everyone who wishes me happy birthday.

My Family - dad, mum, eldest bro, 2nd bro.

My Hometown gang - teng, zhen, bo, ps, sze, conting, ah hong, munhou, kerxin, cyeang, aini, puikheng, caisheng, tika, jaay-p..

My Bunch of Collage-mates - YvonneTAN, su-ann, tiff, rae, joe, jiun, stel, samantha, voonyin.....

UN salon, Ah lee, Amanda, Yue Sin, Msn friend and more.

Thankyou Tiff and Rae for the pressie. I love it so much!!

Thankyou Yvonne, Ann, Joe and Jiun for the dinner. I ate until my stomach almost burst.

I love you all :)

Ps: someone send me a lyric for my birthday. i wish i am the girl whom the lyric are supposed to dedicated for.
Pictures up soon :)

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