Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Healthy Food

So went to eat sushiking (which is consider as healthy food to me la)today with the collage-mates.
To be honest this was my second time having sushi in jap restaurant except once in Jogoya....i'm so poor what to do..

There's a thing sort of like pimple thingie popping on my back shoulder. It's freakin scary....second time of getting this thing. I guess it's all the toxic and heat in my body which is causing this thang. Sucks!

Ooohh...i think i've kinda decided to play Haydn sonata for jury 3 cuz Mozart's sonata's soooooo common and everyone seems to be playing it -_-'
Down to choosing either Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody or Chopin Scherzo....
For Liszt Rhapsodies...i'm not really familiar with it..
While for Chopin the Scherzo no.2 is really common while Scherzo no.1 does not sounds nice to my picky ears...
Can't wait to learn the 20th century piece - piazzolla!!
I'm crazy about 20th century pieces especially those that sounded dissonance, syncopated rhythm and heavy.....oooo those big chords kill you!!
I love playing pieces which have a big sound.....it's like the thing gonna crash on you anytime.
Challenging but me like!!!

Am watching - the hottie and the nottie by paris hilton.
Don't tell me she's just a dumb blonde....i actually like her looks and according to some of the reviews, they said she acting quite well in this movie.
So plz check it out if you guys have the free time like me to watch before the finals come.

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