Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If i'm not mistaken, we (boh kwan, kerxin, jun and me) sang this song - Yue Man Xi Lou * 月满西楼 in the Chinese Society Group Singing Competition at 2001. BohKwan was the one who chosed this song. I've never heard of this before the competition. It the first time i took part in group singing competition. We got 1st for the competition!! Oh yaa...and i accompanied the other group with the piano cuz their pre-recorded song can't be played. It's Xian Bin's group i still remember. He was a great singer.

Haiii.....looking back at those back....only i realise time passes realy fast. I miss those days. I miss singing in the choir under Aunty Chow (mother of YuHeng, the singer). I miss learning piano under Miss Lim. She was the first and till now the best teacher i ever had.

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