Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Sucks

How i wish i no need to study at this moment for the sake of tomorrow's psycho quiz..

I didn't really had proper dinner tonight because of the lack of time. I've got classes from 6 till 9pm.

And i can smell something like the frying eggs smell. Ohhh.....kill me now.

I'm so freakin hungry and tired.

Went to the xmas carolling audition today. The person was quite nice. Hopefully everything will be confirmed then i will be earning my 1st income in december *shame* haha...

Hungry * Emo * Tired ........ I really need to apologise to my parents for being sooo damn lazy.
Memorising 2 chaps over 80 pages can kill me easily.
Let's see how will i do for tomorrow's quiz :(

Ciao babes!

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