Thursday, May 22, 2008

The summary

So that's almost the end of classes for another week except for tomorrow's group lesson -_-"
Nothing much about the week.
Oh yaa....yesterday all the condo lift was not working again when we were going home after going pasar malam. So ann and yvonne very ber-semangat wanted to climb up 24 floors. I had no choice but to follow. There goes all the calories i had for dinner ;)

Just got a msg from miss tiffy. There's a xmas carolling end of this year at genting and her high school choir mentor are looking for people to join. The audition will be next week.
Hmm..don't know what song should i sing cuz i long time never sing (classical)already.

The weather's still as hot as forever. It makes one feel so gloomy. No point staying at 24th floor cuz the wind ain't that much more compared to lower ground house.

I now have to sudden urge to go shop with someone who've got the same taste and liking as me.
Don't know why i haven't been buying much clothes these days. Hmm i want to get more simple tee!!!

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