Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's my BDAE!!!!

I hereby declare May 14th as Miss Rain's Day.

Ish hahaa...sound to babai horr...bare with it la. Today its lao niang's bdae :)

Happy Birthday to me mE ME!!!

Omg, i'm so old already.......i thought i'm still the forever sweet seventeen!!

Tq to all my dear friends and family who wishes me.

Luv ya'all. Muackkssss...xoxo

I'm the princess today. May 14 is my day :)

The always lonely girl...haiii sudah umur 20 pun tak de org mau :P

Like oh my gawt...

Pianists out there plz watchout!!! I shall be better than you all one day and i will!!!

ps: tq for my bunch of howntown gang and my siao roommate whom just chatted with me on msn :) Lab you all. you guys really really cheer me up lor :)


rain. xoxo

( the date should be 14th may 2008 instead of 11th may.

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