Monday, March 01, 2010

These are the few of my favourite things

Feel like a piece of crap at home now.

Am missing my uni mates, kmt gang and hometown friends a lot ;(

Too lazy to blog about my Taiwan trip so here's a short post.

Stuff i'm in love with now.

Mah handphone which i had a love-hate relationship with it. I loved it so much but sometimes it gave me problems and make me feel like throwing it away.
I'd just installed the GPS garmin into it and i'm loving it more now.
Please don't give me any more problems kay?

Cologne/body spray by Kanebo i got from Taiwan. There are 3 flavours of smell available and i got this one. Sigh....should've grab all of it cuz it's mad cheap, around RM28 per bottle.
If ever they've got the perfume version of this, i'm sure gonna grab it!

Eyeshadow palatte by Integrate, Shiseido.
I love the colours so much, using this now whenever i'm putting on make up.

The inside

Double eyelid tapes.
Joe used to talk bout her using this for few years and now she's got natural double eyelids!
Sigh.....I always thought that the tapes will make our eyes feel uncomfortable and i'm totally wrong after trying it out.
It works like miracle....imma gonna use this till i get double eyelids (O.O)

Bro ordered this from the US and i've just started using it.
I think it works better than the Vaseline lip balm ;)

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