Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hear Me Rant

Been looking for a room to rent these few days.

Aiiikksss......and it's so so so freakin hard to find a room to rent which carpark is also available as well.

The rooms are being rented out like hot cakes. The minute someone posted up the ad, by the next day the room has already been rented out ;/

Going to 3 places to have a look at some rooms available tomorrow.

Really hope to get one lah, if not imma gonna be super down.

This looking-for-a-room thing has been bugging me so much, my mood was down these few days.

It is only once you finished your studies and start looking for a job, you'll realized that everything ain't so easy like how you used to think of.

To get a job that pay good, to be able to save up the hard earned money, to look at people's face etc.

I'm really trying to control myself. Money does not come easily, but you can spend it like nobody's business and poofft....your hard-earned salary is gone.

No shopping no shopping no shopping. Aiii so i guess that's the thing i should remind myself every now and then.

I'd say ~ screw circumstances!!!!!!

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