Friday, March 26, 2010

sucking out all my energy

Am so tired after my work today....

When i reached home, i juz wanna close myself in my room and don't feel like talking at all.

But i guess it's well worth it.

I smile when i see the invitation card on my table......

My student invited me to her 10th birthday party....awwww >_< Haven't been to a kid's party for like ages (yes yes, i know i'm old)

*aikss...i just realised that she address the card to MRS.RAIN!!!
which means Rain the korean popstar is my husband lor.....lolx ;)

I bet i'll be the oldest KID there if i attend the party. Hahaha...

Ps: it's freakin fun driving alone at night and speeding on the highway.....the adreline rush....fuhhhh

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