Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Boohoo...2010's the year I've finally get to chance and guts to drive around in kae elle/peejay.

My driving sucks and I do admit that I'm always kinda worried everytime I drive....and even the parents' felt so....because I'd banged on the flower pot when i'm reversing the car, banged my the gates when I was driving motorcycle few years back and more ;P

It's time to overcome this lil' phobia in me...haha

I've came to realize that it ain't that difficult and i've got the sense of achievement when I get to drive in KL.
I guess a lil more practise and mum's gonna give me the greenlight to drive around alone soon ;)

And the journey starts here *_*

Ps: Happy Birthday Tiffanie Beh! I can't wait to attend your graduation recital ;)

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