Monday, March 29, 2010

Kepada Roomie Aku


Happy Birthday!!!!

Sang Yat Fai Lok!!!!

Sheng Re Kuai Le!!!!'re finally 21!!!!

Hmmm legal to do lotsa crazie stuff now ;P

I miss staying in the same room with you. Gossiping at night before we sleep.

Sigh...poor girl almost kena dirogol aku ;P

The mini, tiny, xs girl is now a grown up. Fuhhh...we can no longer bully you already :(

The lady-like side of her. Awwww......summore talented and freakin smart!!!

We did it together at last and now working at the same place.
Sigh.....i guess we just couldn't leave each other.

Looking forward of the gathering of the 3 of us.

Ann complained to me that you've changed ever since you started working.

Never see your manja-manja side already. Now your face is liddat *--____--*

My best wishes for you and may we both earn lotsa lotsa money so that we could go for a vacation someday. I hope i will change your thinking. Going out is definitely more fun than staying at home whole day!!!!

PS: i'm waiting for your duckie to sing for me!!!

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