Monday, March 08, 2010

Taipei Zoo

Visited the Taipei Zoo (臺北市立動物園) which is also known as (木柵動物園) last 14th December.

Everyone was really anticipating to see the 2 iconic figures of Taipei Zoo~ Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan pandas (given as a gift frm China)...but not me cuz i've already seen it before years back when I went to China.

Not many pictures taken mainly because my Sony T3 cam suck...imma gonna change to Canon if i've got the money!

The Panda, pardon me i'm not sure this is Tuan Tuan or Yuan Yuan because everyone's (300 ppl) fighting a place to see this iconic figure!

Searching for food eh

Camels!! ohh...reminds me that i've sat on a camel to take picture long ago when I visited China.

Zip-bra...loving it's stripes

The Noctornal House

The Owl. Reminds me of what I love to say ~ The night is still young

Some ugly looking fish. We were bored because we had to follow our tour guide around instead of being given the freedom to walk around on ourselves at first.

Finally we got to split up and explore the zoo on our own!
Camwhoring at the train ~ Kaining, moi, Rouqing, Chen Hong, Lee Yu

Aikkss half of my face kena blocked again

Zen the b-boy doing some stupid moves.


It was mad fun that day!
We walked around in a group of like 15 of us doing crazy things, singing songs and stuff because we knew that nobody knows us there and we wouldn't have the guts to do it in M'sia.

Hahaha.....everyone's doing different pose.
It was drizziling that day but it never dampen our mood...and also it was a week day therefore the zoo was full of 300 our people (the kmt) and probably some local visitors.

Butt crack of Hippopotamus which looks like huge ass sausages!

It's King Kong!!! Definitely my favourite animal of the day. The king kong's in bad mood that day and it look damn ganas!

Monkey with a big tumor in its ass.
Why liddat wan?

I don't know what is this called -__-

Companion for the day. Mad awesome. Love them all

Picture with some other group's people.

Stopped by the coffee house to grab some food to eat.

We had fries with cheese, sour onion cream as topping!
Yumm!!! Freakin delicious!

Shitty decor.

Group pic!

Really enjoyed ourselves. It was more of the companion of that day which made it fun.

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