Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Whooppsss....haven't been blogging these days because i stayed at home almost all days and do nothing except staring at the lappie day and night which also means nothing interesting stuff is happening in my life :/

However, managed to meet up with the uni girls at MV today.
I've finally watched MJ (i know i'm outdated) which made me more sad after watching him.
He was really a legend, a prodigy and a great musician i would say where he is clear and knows what exactly what he wants his music to sound like *salute so much to learn from him!

Imagine the disappointment of all the crew members involved in the preparation for his concert when he was suddenly announced dead.
BAM.....totally can imagine the feeling and anticipation of the performing on the stage and out of a sudden the chance is being ripped of from you.
God i love his moves!

Ahh..really enjoyed my day and I had a chat with a friend *we got to know each other from youtube!
She said she's from Tunisia and stupid me had to google about that country!
It's really nice knowing someone from the other side of the world shares the same passion that I have!

Night peeps. Hitting Seremban tomorrow!!

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