Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm Finally Done with Graduation Recital!

I'm beyond words now....

What i can say is thank you thank you and thank you everyone.

For those who made an effort to come and support me, your presence really meant a lot to me.

For those who could not make it, thank you for the moral support.

Thank you uncle, Amanda, my boss, and more for the encouraging messages.

Thank you Joelin for helping me out being my mc despite her eye irritation problem.

Thank you Su-Ann for page turning for me and praying for me.

Thank you Alice and Silvia for being my ushers.

Thank you roomie for being there for me all the time!

Thank you Alice, roomie, Ann, Chuanli, Tiff, Rae, Siukim, Joe, Diane, Kathy and Silvia for the flowers!

Thank you Tiff and Rae for the present, you guys really know what i like :)

Thank you roomie once again for the gift (baby pillows) which is the smallest pillow i ever had in my life.

Phewww....i'm relieved that it's over and yet have this empty feeling where something that you've been looking forward to is over now.

I still can't believe that i'm done with 4 years of uni life...

Booo......i'm officialy jobless now :P

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