Monday, November 16, 2009

Korean Dinner at Seremban

And we finally went to Seremban (Ann's place) last wednesday. Been talking about visiting her place since forever.
Stayed over at Ann's home for a night.
Reminisence of those days when stayed together under one roof!!
I miss seeing, talking, joking with them so much!

Ann being the great host decided to bring us for Korean food for dinner despite after having a light dinner at her house.

Ann cooking the beef and mushroom for us and roomie busy eating.

Veges to go with the beef.

The mini plates which are free

Here's the Korean lady stirring the Bibimbap (korean mixed rice) for us.

Kimchi soup which was a bit too spicy for me and Bibimbap which is my favourite out of all!

All the leftover!! Aii...such a waste because we were too full by then.

Once we stepped into the Korean restaurant, the smell reminded me of Jeju!!! I miss that place so so much!

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