Friday, November 06, 2009

My Grad Recital 3rd Nov 09

Phewww.....felt so relief after the recital.
I was really late that day for the recital because of unpredicted bad traffic to uni during noon O_o.
Had to rush to practise with Ann, my page turner and change my gown like 5 minutes before the recital.
Everything was in a rush and maybe because of that i have to time to think too much and get nervous. Everything was in controlled except some slips and sometimes when my mind wonders around.

First piece ~ Mozart Sonata in A minor, k310

Scarlatti Sonata in D major, L14

Joe my pretty emcee! thank you for helping me out :)

Last bow and i'm done with my very last recital in UCSI.

The 2 juriers ~ my results are in their hand : S

With my piano lecturer ~ Dr.Lim...the one who taught me so much about music!

With my darling joe ~ she's one of the top 10 finalists for Philips ambassador competition!

And i guess it was karma...we both got the same dress in different colours! What a coincident! haha

With my parents ~ was kinda sad because my 2 other bros weren't present :(

roomie and siukim!

With ann!!

Bestie - roomie, ann, moi and tiff!

Highschool mate ~ Szesze

With Silvia!!

And my juniors ~ diane and kathy

A studio group photo

Ahh....loving the flowers!

With my China friend ~ SiYe

Mr.Stephen the jurier

Awww...thank you for the flowers!

The pretty ushers!

My grad poster :) Gonna frame it up soon

Presents from friends and family

A sunny and Laneige eyeshadow palatte from Tiff and Rae. Thank you so much babes, i really loved the gift!
Oppss...almost forget. Gift from roomie -__-""
okay i guess from now on i gotta be like her and use these tiny mini baby pillows instead of my adult huge pillows!

My very the complicated hair with so many hidden hair pins inside. Ahh it would be so nice if i can do this myself.

And a last picture in the pretty gown and the hair set up

Boohooo i'm officially done with 4 years of uni life.

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