Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wassup people!

I'm feeling much much better now. Gosh I hope that I won't get sick again when I travel the next month!

Loaded some movies on my lappie.

Watched Lagerfeld Confidential yesterday. It is a documentary on Karl Lagerfeld's everyday life where the cameraman follows him around.

He's truly a maestro and a legend. I'm have such big respect for him and salute him for his professionalism after watching the show despite being a homosexual........fuck who cares bout that..he's like a father of fashion to everyone!

And during the night itself I dreamed of Chanel! I was feeling really hungry which I'm not sure whether i'm really hungry in reality or just in the dream and the picture of Chanel 2.55 flap bag appears like food infront of me which makes me so hungry whenever i look at it.

Just wondering whether it is something I wanted so badly in my subconscious mind...haha
For the moment, the bag probably will cost me a fortune.

Sometimes I do wonder whether are all these branded stuff so important to me.

Oh well, better don't stop dreaming now :P

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