Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Happy Merdeka people!
What i love about Malaysia is definitely the variety of food we have here!
When we were being quarantined in Jeju Island, what I misses the most was not my family but the food here.

Went to bookfest yesterday with the parents. Met my weird ex-violin lecturer there but don't bother to go up to him to say hi since he's a really weird person which i don't know how to explain in words.
Everyone seems to be really cautious now wearing the mask. The special smell of the mask really bring back memories of the Jeju trip.

Also went back to the condo for the very last time to collect my pillows and some leftover stuff.

Books that i bought. Wanted to get Benazir Bhutto's autogbiography book but it's just too expensive :(

The ugly chipped nail polish cuz had to practice the piano. It's really fun seeing your colourful nails flying here and there on the keyboard!
Always jealous of people with long nice nails. What to do.....had to sacrifice something for the things that you're passionate about.

I'm super free now at home since I only have to go down kl once for class everyweek.
Bumping at home now. Ahhh how i wish my friends are all here.
Internet, hongkie drama, tv, piano, books are stuff that i'm into now.

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