Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Survived H1N1 in Jeju, Korea (P1)

The UCSI choir and Dithyrambic choir went to Jeju Island for the International

Choral Festival on the 14th last month. It was supposed to be a 5 days 4

nights trip
but we ended up staying there for 10 days because of the freakin H1N1 !!!

On the Uni bus to KLIA. With Ann. Kunming who's behind us has farny expression.

Role call by Karen the leader...and that is when i found out that i forgot to bring my

purse along with my ic, m'sian ringgit and insurance card but thank god i had my

passport and korean won with me so i decided to kept quiet bout it and hoping that

nothing will happen :P

The basses

Altos!! It's my first time singing alto part :)

Had to put on the mask :(

Roommies in Jeju - chuying, ann, me, steph

The cock pose with their weird mask which can only last for 8 hours!!

Chloe's face is too small to fit the mask...hahaha and she ended up lookin like a parrot!

Stalking korean dude...the typical look of them >_< Breakfast on the plane by Korean Air. The food was great but not for the seat comfort and entertainment. MAS or Cathay will definitely be a better choice to travel.

Didn't get to sleep well throughout the flight there :(

Reached Incheon Airport the next morning.
With the guitarist Chern Yau, singer Steph, pianist moi, ann and chu ying.

Our tour guide in Seoul. He was a really nice uncle and too bad we didn't get to see him again on the last day of our trip as planned.

Scenery in Seoul.

Somewhere near the palace and blue house.

Camwhore buddies - theresa and chiachi

With the korean nerdy lookin police.

Police on bikes. The guy of my right is one hawt hunk but they all are kinda lansi la..

Chu Ying lookin hawt :)

Our bus. Supposed to put the UCSI choir infront instead of Dithyrambic :P

First meal in kimchi land. It was a disappoinment as the food is kinda tasteless.

Somehow we enjoyed our meals because it's great accompaniment of a bunch of friends.

Gimpo Airport (korea's local airport) to transit to Jeju Island.

Saw these bunch of elderly people and they're all in great health. I hope its a reflection of us 40 years later when we get to travel again as a group.

Reaching Jeju Island. Top- tianyi, yifen, chu ying, theresa

First destination - Yong Du-am the famous dragon head rock in Jeju.

The lion head stone.

With the Choral Fest representative on the left. She's a really cute girl and she have to keep on checking her hp dictionary to speak to us in enlish :)

Dinner in Jeju. They served only healthy food. I'm not a veggie person so it's kinda sad that i dont take their signiture kimchi.

Love the fried seaweed!

The restaurant

Next destination was the choral fest opening ceremony. They were speakin in korean so we couldn't understand a word. Every was so tired and eventually dozing off.

Stopped at a minimart to grad some junk before going to our resort.

Here's our room- room 210. Poor thing i think we are just not used to sleeping in these and it hurts my back :(

Staytune for more. Check hueyhsiang's
blog for more :)

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