Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Pictures taken few weeks back during bro's convocation at MMU Cyberjaya.
The place is so much bigger and nicer than our uni!
The buildings are magnifique!
Toured around putrajaya for awhile with my eldest bro while waiting for the convo to finish.
Gosh it has changed so much and you really don't feel like you're in M'sia there.
The architecture is so westernized.
Will surely find another time to visit the place.

Flowers for the bro. It was a freakin hot day and it makes me grumpy.

Faculty members. Guess which is my bro :P

Headed over to the photo studio to have our family portrait taken. Went for the famous Gei Tak Sek shop for some dessert. Mango ice the most famous on their menu. I don't find it really THAT nice and worth the price.

Kiwi ice - kinda too sourish for my liking.

Mixed fruits.

And i finally did something productive today. Found dad's rusty guitar and I decided to learned a bit of guitar through the videos on youtube. Those videos for beginners are really good ones! Haha... i can play the A and E major chord, some Beethoven tune and the tune of I'm a big big girl in a big big world......

Ps: The new semester has just started yesterday but i don't feel any excitement :(
Aiiksss...failed master class. Crappy-nyerrr ish!!!

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