Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Very Last

Photos of our concert performance last thursday night.

As usual everyone's dressed in black with different scarf representing different choir.

Really sang my heart out that night as it was my last performance in the choir :(
We always complained about how boring choir is and how tiring we are (the class is usually at 5-7pm) but now we gonna miss it so much.

When i first started uni, i really loved choir cause it was the only class where we no need to think or study somehow as time goes by, when we tend to get more senior we just got bored of choir.

However after the jeju trip it really sparks my interest in singing in choir once again.

Too bad we won't probably have the chance to sing again in the largest choir in M'sia!

from left: cindy, yvonne, theresa, me, diane and kathy with mask. She was sick and therefore excused from performing that night.

Last sem people.

Seniors and we are!

with yun shi

The last sem people again.

Blinked scarf!

8th sem and the most senior among the choir members.

Senior choir with our pretty conductor.

With miss popularity @ Mc of the night - joe


Jeju choir gang!!! We're learning the korean ad dance on the stage after the concert!

A happy one. So gonna miss them :)

Yamcha after concert with joe's friends.

Roomie can't stop sleeping! hahaa..

Oldtown was invaded by the usci-ians!

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