Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randomness >_<

Gaining fatsssss bumming at home these days.

Imagine homecook food, junk and fridge full of food and drinks. Yea right....have been bingeing on food and i can't stop myself : /

I really wanna go work out...but then :

jogging - failed (but nobody wanna accompany me and i can't jog with dad cuz he will be far ahead of me)

swimming - too lazy to wash and do treatment to my already spoilt hair and the pool here is kinda dirty plus most of my friends here don't swim :(

badminton - failed (only few of my friends are around, we usually have badminton session when everyone's back)

So i ended up doing some streching which is NOT gonna help much considering the amount of food i've taken in. Booo booo!!

Random pic found somewhere in my hard disk.

Hahaa...it totally reminds me of the pole inside the lift at sg.wang. For a few times my friends and I attempted take pic of us pole dancing with the pole inside but we failed everytime cuz the freakin lift stops every floor!!

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