Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Last Night

...staying at condo with roomie.

Sigh time passes so fast and it has been 2 and a half years since i shifted in here.

Gonna miss the housemates so much so much.

Thanks for the love and accompaniment, Ann and Von!!!

I'm so used to sharing a room with the roomie and without her i'm gonna be so lonely :((

No more those crazy nights when we sing some crazy out of tune songs, dance like we're in a club (roomie's signature cicak dance and my belly dance :P) and lotsa lotsa noisy nights disturbing the other housemate.

My other half!

This was taken after choir few sems ago i can't remember exactly when.

Cacat-ed pose which was probably forced by me to do :P

Roomie's last year. Had a tiny cake for a tiny girl like her

I heart them!

The prodigy busy studyin and i'm kacau-ing her behind! Ohh....and its the aural book she doing. Thanks for having a perfect pitch kid at the condo and i always copied her work cuz I suck so much at it. It's been like 1 year plus ago!!!

The youngest one always got bullied!!!

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