Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party Part 2 at Venezia

Uni mates celebrated my bday for me a day earlier at Venezia, a Italian Restaurant at Taman Segar near Leisure Mall.

The place was occupied by this group of almost 20 people from the same uni as us i guess when we reached.

Ex-roomie & I


Joe baby


Jiun and Joe

Roomie the eldest. Both my roomies (ex and now) loves sleeping! They can sleep the whole day!

Joe & Ann

Here comes our food. The starter - fried squid (so so only i preferd those from the chinese restaurant)

Super thin crust pizza (forget the full name of it)

Some pasta (Nothing WoW but okay)

Lasagna which is not so nice. You can get much nicer in the other restaurant such as Italiannese!

Tiramisu which turn out to be the best out of all the food we ordered.

My friends started singing me the birthday song when the tiramisu came and the other table of almost 20 people joined in to sing the song to me. sweet of them. Turn out that they were there to celebrate someone's birthday as well.

This bday boi was so nice he gave a a piece of his cake :)

What an unforgetful birthday when there's some strangers singing you a birthday song.

I was touched and at the same time feeling super malu cause everyone's looking at you :P

Overall the was food tasted fine however they're service definitely needed improvement! The lady who served us wasn't friendly at all! Would go back for a try someday sometime.

Ps: i looked like crap in all those pictures that day...hmmphh....anyway thank you so much yvonne, ann, joelin and jiun for the wonderful dinner!

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