Monday, May 25, 2009

My 21st Birthday Part 3

This time around the hometown gang came down to kl and we went for karaoke at Gardens' Greenbox.

There's total 9 of us but the room they gave was so freakin small.

Well......definitely won't go back there...the room is small, food tasted like crap and their service was bad.

Since they do not provide a comment sheet for the customers, being the usual me, i wrote some comment for them on the large sheet of napkin. I just hope that they got to see it and do something to improve their service.

Cheryl, Pk, Sookyee, Munshan and Yun

Probably the next taylor swift :P

Align CenterPk and Yee

Peishan and moi

The ladies

The smarties except me

Cheryl, Pk, Yee

Ps wrapped the microphone with tissue cuz she's too hygenic!

Smartie Waiteng

Josh's and three of his wifes :P

OOo..they were too into singing!

Camwhoring as usual

Other than piano lesson, we used to attend vocal class together too :)

Munshan and me

The birthday cake which was brought in half way through while we're singing. It really suprised me cause i wasn't expecting this since i've already had a birthday party back at the hometown.

Once again thank you so much!

The cake

Hitting 21st!

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