Monday, May 11, 2009

Ladies Night

How did you guys celebrate Mother's Day? usual the 3 of us (my bros and me) bought mum a card and we spent the rest of the day in Genting staying over for one night.

Was forced to watch StarTrek (not my kinda movie) there with the bros cause no other movies were available but it turned out great lar..

Anyway, dragged the 3 girls out for a drink on last thursday night cause it's the first week of uni which mean that we're still very free from assignments.

Cindy suggested that we go
Rainforest in Sunway Pyramid.

The place kinda suck. Mostly africans and i guess we're the only table of chinese.

Our drink (
Frozen Margarita) which tasted okay only.

Cindy aka Cassandra (she introduced herself with this fake name to the black guy)

And we all followed what she did. So i used
Cindy's name :P

Can't remember tiff's name though

Joelin aka Lily (haha...her name's super lala wei)

In the toilet with Tiff. Pardon my red eyes i was a bit dizzy after 2 cups. Yea i suck in drinkin i think.

We planned to go for a drink instead of clubbing and yet we ended up in
Mos again :{

Cindy the dai ga je!

She ended up having most fun (cause she did not plan to join us at first)

Cindy and Joe

Moi and Tiff


Ps: Birthday in 3 days time and OMG i felt old now :(

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