Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey Big Spender

Whee....finally got to shop at bkt bintang!!

I've found a new shopping partner!!! and an assistant...hehe

Partner in crime Yeoh Su Ann!! ( the way she shopped is scary!!!! everything look nice to her )

Poor girl.....she broked her own shopping record time accompanying us the whole day :P

Lunch at Gasoline which tasted really bad!

Shopped form 11.30am till 9pm!

Shopping queen who bought the most by the end of the day. Check her blog for more.

Here's the things that i bought this week!

Fake eyelashes and i bought 6 freakin pairs of it :P
Sorry i can't afford Shu Uemura's

My babies - cheetah top, zebra dress, white lace blouse, purple tube dress, a belt and a bracelet!!!

I'm super happy seeing all these new stuff and yet at the same time feeling guilty for spending those hard earned money :P

Teehee.....nevermind lah. Our excuse is THIS IS OUR LAST SEM STAYING we have to hang out more!!!

What a wonderful day ^_^

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