Monday, May 18, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party Part 1

Celebrated my 21st birthday few days earlier during the weekend at my crib.

My invited guests were all my high school mates.....we're still as close as last time :)

Had a really wonderful party thanks to them and especially my family!

Birthday gurl meme ^_^

Weiheng and me. Pity girl always got sick and make us worried.

The future doctors.

In my garden...Jun, Kerxin and bday girl

Hotness! model body and height. What for study econs?! She should go for modelling instead!

She's a head taller than josh.

Candid shot..hmm what's so funny?

Messing in the garden

Studying medic drove her crazy i guess.
She acting like those auntie in the oldschool chinapek mtv...haha

Munshan, Xiaoyun (same course with me), Jane and Pohyee

I insisted him of having me as his only soulmate :P
Thanks dude for always listening to my crap when i'm down.

Happily eating :)

Introducing Hoho, Jun's pet. She brings it around wherever she goes!


Qiuyan, Jun and bday girl.

Kokwai and Ah Hong

Bestie who've changed so much now. I used to talk ALOT while she's the quiet and shy girl and now she's the one taking over my job.

Darling Pohyee and me

Jane my neighbour

Bestie and soon to be lawyer!

The music student and used to be in the same studio :)

All teacher's kids!

I heart them

My cake

Pressie from them

And last one Family pic!

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