Thursday, May 07, 2009

Long Long Ago...

.....about 50 years back in time, grandpa came over to M'sia from China to earn a better living.

Grandpa self-learned to read and write chinese on his own and he started off as a business man in Penang.

And soon enough his business were growing and he owns few shop houses along Penang Road right across Komtar selling all kinds of souvenirs.

Tourists from the foreign countries love buying things from grandpa's shop.

However things started to change in recent years, Komtar was closing down and the business became bad.

Most of the shophouses are now taken over by others and being rebuild. Only few were left to my uncles.

This is the role of shophouses i'm mentioning. I wish that things don't change but this is the reality.

The old movie theatre mum used to visit when she was young located beside the police station and opposite the famous Penang Road laksa and cendol.

And now it's being abandoned.

Different classes and different pricing just like gold and premiere class in modern days now..

Memories of the past are precious.

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