Friday, April 03, 2009

A Visit to Mpo

We had this great opportunity of visiting the instruments room inside Mpo, KLCC few weeks back.
It was really an eye opener to every each of us.
The room temperature must be 22 degree celcius all the time.
If ever my dad strikes lottery, i'm gonne make him buy or i should say invest in one of these instrument!
Musicians are crazie.
The instruments that they invested in cost a bomb and sometimes even more than the costs for a double storey house in kl!
Haha...probably i should sell off my violin to get a LV huh!

The Organ with lots of stops and pedal. master this you gonna have really good coordination between ya hands, eyes and legs!

The chamber organ which is much smaller in size.

This is d bomB! 660k Steinway and Sons!

The touch is light and yet so rich and delicate!

Yvonne, me and Alice

The mechanism of the celesta! The sound of it is totally like those music box!

Us again and the celesta:)

Harpsichord, the 18th century instrument but it has been developed now where one can change the texture and pitch of it.

Trying out our Bach's French Suite on it to learn more about the authentic sound.

Behind- the mechanism of the piano Front- mechanism of harpsichord

Daddy i want this for my 21st!

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