Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Finally!

Got an impromptu call from Tika asking me to accompany her to Times Square.
We reached there around 8.30pm and the mall was so quiet!
Walked around a bit and tried out some clothes as usual.

Trying out her blouse

hers and mine....aiii i so wanna buy this shoe but it's way to high for me. My feet is flat by the way so i can't really wear heels! Ish..

And finally Krispy Kreme!! We went there late and no queue at all!! The good thing was that their service was great and they offer sample doughnuts for your to try out.

Yummy....but just a tad too sweet but much nicer than the other doughnuts outside. Too much of it will be bad though :P

Us chilling at Krispy Kreme Times Square....Thumbs up for them cause the boss actually took the initiative to come over and asked our opinion on the doughnuts.

Later on we headed to Jln Alor, Tika's favourite place for supper. Gosh.....i had had so much of rubbish food these days.
I guess it is time to detox my body and flush away those calories!

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