Friday, April 03, 2009

Another random post

Gosh i've finally started my 2nd thesis paper.
Had been staring few hours straight at the laptop hunting for inspirations.

Ohh of all the stress we're having now, we're almost going nuts.
We've having this kinda weird inspirations indeed.
Heard the modern band playing Avril's Girlfriend and their singing was just erm so so lar.
Haha....then I suddenly started singing back the tune in The Cranberries' way and forced the roomate to sing together with me.

And Miss cindy msg me just now saying that she's bored of doing her term paper thingy.
And the roomie and i were so nice, we entertained herby singing all those stupid doggie and duckie tune.
It was freakin funny! and we were dancing along the Beethoven symphony music.
I will try to record it to the next time.

Haha i know that is kinda random but i can't help this :P

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