Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fraser's Hill

Photos of Fraser's Hill trip with the family on last February.
Gosh....i guess we chosed the wrong time to go there as almost EVERYTHING there was under construction.
If you are thinking of going there, please think twice cause basically there's nothing much to sightsee and stuff to do there except the super bumpy and narrow way up the hill.

We went there from Raub. One thing about going to Fraser's Hill is that you must plan your time well. Odd hours to go up and even hours for descending traffic. For more details check Wikitravel.

History of Fraser's Hill

We were unlucky cause we reached there later than the time we planned and had to wait for an hour to go up the hill.

our destination finally!

I went up via my boi's harley davidson
blah....juz kidding :P
it was actually someone's bike :(

The famous icon of Fraser's Hill - Clock Tower

Oldschool Post Office

Trekking the path - dad and mom


and we reached the Jeriau Waterfalls....disappointed upon seeing it.
The condition there was bad, Bentong's Chamang Waterfalls definitely beats this!

Open air burning??! wtf...that's how people who are not civilised do.

And finally the golf course

We were up there for 2++ hours. Seriously i can't think of anything interesting in this place except it's fresh air. Cameron or even Genting will be much better.

Ps: munching my doughnuts while's freakin sweet and i'm starting to feel very 'zai' now...oh no more krispy kreme doughtnuts plz!!

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