Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping and more!!

Yesterday....i finally met up with my best bud tika and weiheng.
Went jogging with them at tiger hill cause i seriously need to keep fit now.
Been eating way too much these days.

Tika gave me a bag of chocolates frm S'pore. Here's my pirate chocolate! It's so cute!

And today me and tika went shopping in KL all the way from Bentong. She's the one always driving me around especially when we go kl to shop cause i'm too dumb in driving :P The pro loves to sms while she drives! ish
We went ampang for sushi, then nichii in sg.besi and later on.

In the fitting room again -_-"

Here's my best friend since standard 2. She's so sweet and her hair super long (even longer than mine!! ish) ....when she came out from the fitting room, one of the aunties there was like saying " you're so pretty....!" She's a malay chinese mix and she speaks fluently in malay, canto and chinese!

Sorry for my awkward pose...i'm trying to cover my tummy :(

I missed those days when we go swimming few days a week.
We were always trying out those different stunts in the pool like going upside down...things like that.
The swimming pool's been closed down for years since. Really hoping that it will reopen again someday!

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