Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost There

Done with the piano jury. How was it? The beginning was a mess cause my fingers got stucked for no reason :( was kinda disappointed with myself lar...hopefully the results won't be too ugly.

Anyhow after the exam Ann and me went MV to shop!
Really enjoyed ourselves :)

Reject Shop fitting room with Ann

Su-Ann trying out her see-through blouse....haha bimbo!

Both vainpot!
We named ourselves bimbo & lola after we saw this brand's name in Gardens.

My trusty Sony

Darling Ann

Gonna trim my hair and probably perm it again after i'm done with uni this sem. I've got wayyy to much hair now (prob 2 times of ppl's hair volume), my hometown friend once said that i've got Mariay Carey's hairdo -_-"

Ps: 6 more pages to go :( i was so emo yesterday night cause i ran out of ideas what to write for my thesis.

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