Thursday, November 06, 2008

8TV Ultimate Prom Nite

Mr.Biren mah highschool mate is in for 8tv Ultimate Prom Nite !!!
Haven't been in contact with him in years until he msged me today and told me about what he's in now.
Hahaa....u go dude!
I think he's da HoTTesT hunk among them and his confidence level is like freakin high i wish i could be like him.
And he's da cutest guy among our class as well and surely tallest.
We (me, sze, munhou, jaay-p, kumar and him..) used to hang out especially during f4 and f5 basically cuz i decided not to take up chinese and during the chinese class the bunch of us will go out and chit chat.

All the best to him and do support him if u guys happen to watch the show on 8tv at thursday nite 9.30pm!!

Whee...goin penang tomorrow.

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