Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pig Out Season

Omggg......i've got tones of calories down my stomach now
Had Tony Romas with the bro and mom yesterday night.
It was my first time dining there and i love their shrimp starter.
The steak was not bad, but i must admit i ain't so into beef.

And i had Jogoya this afternoon with mom.
I'm feeling soooooo freakin full now as if my stomach gonna burst anytime.
I've been craving to go for a buffet since months ago.
After having it, i felt that if as okay only in fact not a very nice feeling if u eat till super full.

I still got 18 hours of working time to clean up.
Damn it.........how am i gonna finish working.
and the work is so freakin boring, useless and tiring.
Helppppppp............why can't ucsi's scholarship be just free and no attachments or stuff.

I think i've finally found my dream eau de parfum.
It's Escada Moonlight Sparkle, it's so damn sexay.

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