Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's Shop Till' ya Drop

The word for me now is - bored.
People who's outgoing like me please come and be my friend!!!!
Went Midvalley yesterday with momma to check out the Metrojaya Branded Sales.
Coincidently met YunShi and LaiJun there while walking around the hall.
The internet here at home is so slow, it takes me million years to load a video and i can't watch The Gem of Life :((((
Tomorrow - teaching
Saturday - teaching (i hate teaching, seriously i only look forward to the first week of the first month which is the pay day)
I'm so bored i'm so bored i'm so boredddddddddd......................i think i should ask momma to teach me French and imma gonna go France after i grad and marry a French dude. What a nice dream hor..
Feel like goin to Cameron, anyone?

From the last warehouse in ShahAlam. Kanebo whitening milk, compact powder and Loreal True Match compact powder. Eh don't cha think that kan-ne-bo in hokkien is so ehem..haha. Oh ya my first whitening stuff cuz ya know i'm not really into whitening stuff, i prefer being tan but now it depends of my mood. Oh so random wtf

Revlon lipgloss and loose powder, and silkygirl nail polish, i bought 3 tubes of gloss because imma don't know which one if nude colour so i shall try all and see

A bodyglove top (i don't like bodyglove but not this one :P), and a levi's singlet.

Black has always been my favourite. You know like how one's liking towards something reflects their personality, attitude and yaddaaa....ya that's me.

The sales is still on until the 16th so you can check it out and see.

Can someone buy me the guess luggage bag????

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