Friday, November 28, 2008

2 sick cats

OOhh...there's 2 sick cats at home now.
Woke up and was wondering how come the door was open.
And i saw dad lying and napping on the couch.

He told he he got infected by the ever popular sickness in my town now -'chikunkunya'.
According to my friend, when u kena the virus, it is like putting on 50 kgs weight on your whole body and it's hard to move your body.

Imagine that my superfit dad walked like an oldman with stroke this morning.
But i dp think doin sports regularly does help after seeing my dad able to walk and even JOG in the evening after he had the medicine.

How does one get infected? Kissin of mosquitoes!!
One of my friend who get infected suffer fever and joints pain for 2 weeks and not only she, her dad and bro got infected as well. can imagine now how terrorised i am seeing mosquitoes now!!

And mum came back from the camp with flu.

So now i'm the only one who's free from any sickness :)

crap....why can't the students stop cancelling class? Arghh it's so freakin troublesome to replace another class for them -__-

It's 00.00 now which the mega sales officially starts off.
Too many warehouses, discount, too little cash to shop.
Wanna go shop so badly now ^^

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