Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boo hooo..........i didn't make to kl for my violin trip on monday.
I woke up early that day and headed off to the bus station.
Wanted to take 9.30 bus, and there's no bus.
Oh well, so i bought the ticket for the 11.10am bus.
Once i bought it i regretted bout it cuz i should have taken the 11am bus!!!
Okay i went up the bus and the journey went smooth until it reaches bukit tinggi.
The freakkin stupid bus broke down and we were left waiting for other buses to come and take us.
Didn't managed to go in to the first bus that arrived and so i waited.
Standing with my violin beside the highway. How freako 'awesome' is that....every car passes by and they just stare pass you. I waited there for 1 hour i guess, while admiring the blue sky and an eagle flying around and also weird sound coming from the trees or bushes beside.

By then i decided to just call my dad to pick me up instead of going to kl.
Dad came on the time where we supposed to have the violin class -____-.
Well, instead of heading home we went to genting to donate money again :P

And what i've been doing these few days at home is basically watching movies, online, practise piano :(
I'm so sad my holidays are so boring now.
But i did managed to clean up the mess of my room a bit :)
Phewww......darn tiring to just clean up a room.
Ok another day has just gone by and here comes a new day.
Nothing much to look forward until the weekend where the group come back from Terengganu.

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