Monday, November 29, 2010

花蓮怡園 (Taiwan)

Pictures of last year december.

When we were in 花蓮, we stayed in this place called 花蓮怡園度假村. More info check -->
Yi Yuen Resort

The resort was really big with lots of different types of room for rent.

When we reached there, the sun was down so we didn't get to take much pictures of the place in daytime.

Me and my soulmate during this trip. The best partner i ever had =)

Us. Chilling
Our room for 6 persons. Modern japenese style room.
Really spacious, nice and clean.

With a coffee table

The bath room. Spot the super cool water tap
Our room number

Along the pathway
It looks really simple from the outside, but it's actually much better than we thought

Some other groups of people who's lucky enough to get this room with such a grand hall *our room doesn't even have a hall

Strolling under the super nice weather
2 sopo

Headed to the main area cuz everyone's gathering there.

Chinese style
People doing the Alishan dance *if i'm not mistaken

Ning and earth

Mad happy kids

See the smile on everyone's faces =)))

The guys

Mr.Lao Dou

Moi, Kaining, Shin and Youyou



Sky lantern

Write your wish on the sky lantern and it will come true * i hope ;]

Up it goes

Please make my wish come true

Missing every single of you.

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