Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy Moly = {

...there goes my specs *sobs

Haven't been to the sauna for like 2 months and out of the blue moon i decided to hit the sauna today after gym workout.

So i took off my contact lenses and wore my specs into the gym. Had a chat with this random lady from Utopia (was wearing my specs) and wondering how come i can't see her clearly.

Turned out that one side of the spec kinda melted or i don't know what (because of the heat in the sauna), the lense turned out to be blurry.

FML nao i gotta wear contact lenses at home :(((((

Anyhow i'm trying to make myself feel better by thinking that yea maybe it's time to change a specs.

I got this pair of specs when i first starting working *part time when i was in 2nd year of uni.

Well...Life goes on. Things changed.

Damn am planning to get this holiday(xmas) set of make up/facial care products with the money. Now i gotta fork out more.

I'd better chew on rubber and starve myself a lil' this month =[

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