Tuesday, November 02, 2010

~ The Bee ~

Went to The Bee at Jaya One last sunday after our trip to Carey Island.
It's my first time in Jaya One.
Lots of nice cafes there ;)

Their Brunch Menu


and their specialty in ice-cream
they serve all different kinda flavours ice-cream at RM6.80 per cup~ guiness, white coffee, black sesame, horlicks, nutella+peanut better, green tea etc
here is what we had

Eve's black sesame which tasted REALLY sesame...i had green tea flavour, not bad but i would say the ones in Gelato is nicer :D

Nice ambience.

Nice place to snap pretty pictures

Old school box


Whootss...we have people from all around the globe ;>


Eve said...

nice post! I love the photo of you sitting along on a tall stool! So elegant of u!

MapleRain said...

haha thanks babe
photoshop magic ;)
nice trip with u all!