Monday, November 08, 2010

Excursion to Carey Island with CSer

It was my first time joining CS(couch surfing) gathering.

For this gathering, we went to Carey Island.

Around 40 of us in 10 cars.

Eve, Shima, Ari(Buenos Aires) and me were in the same car

Got lost middle of the way, thankfully for Gps we managed to find our way there.

Welcome to Carey Island

Some of their handmade wood carvings

Aww....the dog's smilling to me

Project Tompok Topoh

Old lady weaving

Bookmark for sale at RM2

Kampung house

Headed for lunch at Restaurant Kang Guan

Hello, tablemates

Camwhore time ;p

Partner in crime ~ Eve

Salted egg yolk crab
Thumbs up for it cuz it was finger licking good

Butter prawns. love it as well

Didn't managed to take photo of other dishes as everyone's really hungry. The food was really nice and at reasonable price. Will definitely go back there!

Us four in the same car ~moi, shima, eve, ari

Pic credit to some other CSer.

Overall there's nothing much to see in Carey Island except the handcrafts by the Mah Meri(orang asli) and seafood.

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