Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kids These Days

Student J (6 years old) : Teacher, i saw a Barney Blackberry phone on the Toys R Us magazine.

Teacher: Oh...really? Why? You want it?

Student J: Ya

Student J (again): Teacher, do you know what does BBM stands for?

Teacher: Ohh....whatz that? *pretending to be dumb

Student J: It's blackberry messenger

Teacher: How come you know that?

Student J: Cuz my friend's mom has it.

[Gosh....even a 6 years old knows about blackberry and bbm O_0]

Student Z (7 years old, cousin of student J): Teacher, during our greatgrandma's birthday we performed a song called "XXX" (i can't recall the title)

Teacher: Oh i see...

Student Z: The song was sooooo lame. Super duper lame.

20 mins later...

Teacher: Okay...let's learn some new songs today

Student: *look at the song title.....these songs are lame and kiddie, i don't want to learn that

Teacher: *fainted

End of story. HAHAHA =]

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