Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hoho...chatted with my bff last night and we promised to each other that we shall be more optimistic instead of thinking too much all the time.

By the way, i had this super weird dream this morning, one of my bestie and another not so close friend were in the dream....ahhhh it's just hard to describe this whole weird dream.

I woke up with lotsa ???? above my head. Haha

Boohoo....gonna get my ass back to KL tomorrow. No internet -___- boring sial

Anyway i'm gonna go explore pj area this thurs by mah self!!! Omg....this is just unbelieve. I'm freakin excited yet nervous cuz ya'know my driving skills ain't that awesome yet. I hope the GPS is gonna work if not i'm sure gonna get lost in somewhere.

Please bless me so that i can have a save journey ;)

Okay....exactly one more week to my uni gang's grad + reunion! Mad excited! Practise hard gurls .

I'm in such a good mood now i wished everyday is like this.

The computer shop's uncle never charge me anything for helping me to check my problematic lappie!

And i can't wait for papa to be home so that i can my hands on the souvenirs!!!

Nite ya'all!!

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