Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Good or Bad Start?

Back when I was almost done with my studies, I was thrilled on the thoughts on embarking on a new journey of my life.

But those feelings are gone.

Finally settled the room renting stuff and car park thing.

Just like every condo, I EFFIN hate those management people!

They're always the ones who creates problem by having all these stupid rules.

Paid everything at one go. I'm totally broke now :(

I really need to chill, think and plan everything now.

It felt so unsurreal, i always thought that no matter what my parents will solve everything for me.

Never did i realize that i'm a grown up now. I gotta be independent.

An agent even asked me whether I wanna purchase a house today when I went room hunting.

I couldn't stop thinking about what she said.

Probably she's right.

My aim is to earn more, save up and probably start some investment plan.

Aii....gone are the mood to further my studies.........it would probably be few years later.

Who knows ;)

I'm on shopping ban now. Damn and i need to stop dreaming on traveling as well.

Taiwan taiwan taiwan. Someday i'll shall be back!

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