Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dan Shui (淡水), Taiwan

While we were in Taiwan, we visited Dan Shui (淡水).
The must go when places there are definitely the Dan Shui Old Street (淡水老街) and Fisherman's Wharf ( 淡水漁人碼頭).

Quite unfortunately it was drizzling most of the days when we're in Taiwan.
It's so inconvenient to walk around or shop taking an umbrella!

淡水老街 is a street selling different kinds of food and some souvenirs.

Whoott.....spot smelly tofu! My favourite! Their version of smelly tofu is different from the ones here in M'sia.
I had this and it was nice! Stomach growling now ;(

Here's one of the icon of DanShui, which is the Tie Dan ( 鐵蛋).
It's black in colour, sorta chewy like rubber ;P
Majority of us don't really like it.
And the ones i bought is still lying in the fridge after so many months!

Lee Yu and Xi Yong trying it out

Fong Ying and her Ah Gei (阿給).
Aiikkssss....regretted that I never get to try this out ;(

副团长 initially wanted to treat us this ice cream tower but the shop was closed on that particular day. -______-

Fisherman's Wharf ( 淡水漁人碼頭) picture from google.
We were there at night and it was raining heavily with thunder storm.

The wind was blowing crazily.
All of us braved the storm and walked up till the middle of the bridge.

Got called back because it was just too dangerous cuz it's so slippery and people who's smaller size might just get blown away.
Try to imagine that.....crazie shit

Everyone with their umbre-ella.

A lousy pic we managed to take ;(
So gonna go back to this place to have a good look at it.
The aftermath.
Umbrella became astro antenna

They look so cute in this pic!

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