Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last week of April

And this week's gonna be 'long sleeve top' week to cover up all these ugly red spots ;(

Was just so upset with this thing that happened fearing that it might leave scars on my body.

fml if not for this, i'll be having such good mood ;(

Things have been going on quite okay I'd say.

It's towards the end of April and next month gonna be my bday month.

Not really excited about it....a quiet bday for this year will probably be good.

The friends' graduation recitals are finally over.

Am really glad for them.

Looking forward to kmt gathering now.

Can't wait for this weekend to come, cuz I no need to work on a freakin saturday!!!!

I wished there's more public holidays which fall on a saturday ;P

Ahh.....such lazy person i am.

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