Monday, January 18, 2010

Touristy Places in Taipei, Taiwan 1

These are some of the must go places for all tourists who visit Taiwan i guess.
Buildings were really similar to those in China.
It felt like home in Taiwan cuz we shared the same mother tongue and people there were really friendly.

National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆).
Entrance is f.o.c
If you're someone who's into history stuff then i guess you'll enjoy visiting the place.

Pic from google

"the Memorial Hall functioned as a place to display the historical relics of Dr.Sun's life and lead in the revolution" credit wikipedia

Side view of the Memorial HallDr.Sun Yat-Sen the national father of Taiwan

Guard on duty just like those in London.
They have to stand there and not move.
There will be a switch of guard on duty every hour where visitors get to witness the ceremony of changing the guard.

Some of the stuff showed in the Memorial Hall.

Love this fob watch

The most famous icon of Taiwan ~ Taipei 101

Few weeks back when we visited Taipei 101 it was still the highest building in the world but now Burj Dubai has taken over it's place.

A huge Tiff & Co. ad outside the building.
Buy me a Tiff & Co. and i'll marry you ;P
Group pic outside 101.

Entrance fee NTD350 to go up 101.
There were shops below basically all those luxury brand which is very similar to KLCC but I personally preferred KLCC which has a more variety of shops.

We were given food vouchers to dine in Subway in Taipei 101.
Imagine the crowd, 300 of us (the participants) queueing up for's just crazy. Taipei 101 was probably flooded by us these bunch of kids in uniform jacket. so sad cuz we had to leave during the 31st dec 09 and not a day later.
Gosh imma gonna go Taiwan to countdown someday!

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